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Soho Tom Yum                                      $8
Shrimp, ground pork, fish ball, fish cake,
rice stick noodles soup with chili lime juice and peanuts.
Tom Yum Noodle              Chicken       $8      Shrimp      $10
Mushroom and rice vermicelli noodles in tom yum soup.
Tom Kha Noodle                Chicken       $8       Shrimp      $10
Mushroom and rice stick noodles in coconut soup.
Boat Noodle                                             $8
Rare beef, beef balls and rice stick noodles in spicy beef soup.
Yentafo                                                     $9
Shrimp, squid, fishballs, fish cake, fried tofu with rice noodles soup, accented with yentafo sauce.

Sukiyaki                                                    $9
Shrimp, chicken, squid, silver noodles, egg and vegetable in thai style sukiyaki soup.
BBQ Pork Noodle                                    $8
Vegetable and green onion with egg noodles soup.
Wonton Noodle                                       $8
Hong Kong style wonton and bbq pork. Served with egg noodles soup.
Teo Chew Noodle                                   $8
Shrimp, ground pork, fish ball and fish cakes with rice noodles soup.
Fish Ball Noodle                                      $8
Fish ball and fish cakes with rice noodles soup.

Seafood Noodle                                     $10
Shrimp, mussels, squid, imitation crab, fish ball, fish cake with rice noodles soup.
Soho Pho                                                  $8  
Served with rice stick noodles soup and your choice of: Rare steak, well done steak, and beef ball pho (or) Rare steak pho (or) Well done steak pho (or) Rare steak & well done steak pho (or) Beef ball pho (or) Chicken pho.                                            

Seafood Pho                                           $10
Combination of shrimp, squid, mussels, imitation crab, fish cake and fish ball.
Served with rice stick noodles soup.
Udon                                                         $9
Japanese fish cake, pork slices, tofu and seaweed with udon noodles soup.    
Veggie Udon                                            $8
Tofu, black mushrooms, vegetables and seaweed with udon noodles soup.
Ramen                                                       $9
Ramen noodles soup with japanese fish cake, sliced pork, bamboo shoots and seaweed.
Veggie Ramen                                         $8
Ramen noodles soup with tofu, black mushrooms, vegetables, bamboo shoots and seaweed.
Miso Ramen                                              $8
Ramen noodles with diced tofu and seaweed in miso soup.


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