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Crispy Wontons                              $6
Stuffed with chicken and shrimp. Served crispy with sweet chili sauce.  
Thai Spring Rolls                            $5
Deep fried roll, stuffed with vegetables, silver noodles. Served with sweet and sour souce.
Vietnamese Summer Rolls            $6
Shrimp, vermicelli, vegetables, fresh wrapped in rice paper. Served with Vietnamese dip.
Fish Cakes                                       $7
Fish cake patties seasoned with red curry paste deep-fried. Served with cucumber relish.
Angel Wings                                    $7
Stuff chicken wings with ground chicken, shrimp, silver noodles, and mixed vegetables. 
Thai Toast                                       $7
Deep fried with minced pork seasoned with herbs and spices. Served with cucumber dip.
Mee Krob                                        $6
Traditional Thai favorite of crispy noodles, chicken, shrimps. Tossed in a tamarind sauce.

Steamed Thai Dumplings               $7 
Minced chicken and shrimp with thai seasonings. Served with sweet soy vinaigrette.
Satay                                                $8    
Chicken or beef on skewers, marinated and charbroiled with thai spices. Served with peanut sauce and cucumber salad. 
Crab Rangoon                                $7
Fresh crab meat blended with cream cheese, green onion and sweet chili sauce. Fresh crisp in wonton wrappers.
Calamari Fritti                               $10
Fried calamari in special batter. Served with sweet and spicy honey sauce.
Tempura                                         $9
Light batter fried shrimp and vegetables. Served with tsuyu dipping sauce.
Thai Jerky                                      $10
Tender slices of marinated beef or pork lightly deep fried. Served with hot chili sauce.


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