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Asian BBQ Ribs                                      $11
Pork spare ribs seasoned, marinated chargrilled and basted with asian bbq sauce. Served in hot plate.

Beef Waterfall                                       $11
Charbroiled top sirloin seasoned with rice powder and sweet basil in a spicy lime chili dressing.
Charbroiled Pork Vermicelli                $10
Grilled marinated pork, imperial roll and vegetables. Served with vermicelli noodles. (with Shrimp $12)
Teriyaki                                                   $9
Grilled filet chicken or beef steak glazed with teriyaki sauce. Served with steamed rice.
Thai BBQ Chicken                                 $12
Half chicken marinated with coconut milk, thai spices, and fresh herbs. Served with sticky rice.
Siam Pork                                               $12
Grilled pork tender loin marinated with garlic and lemongrass. Served with sticky rice and
thai coriander sauce.
Crying Tiger                                            $14
Charbroiled ribeye marinated with thai spices, thinly sliced. Served with sticky rice and spicy tangy sauce.

Peppercorn Steak                                 $16
Ribeye steak marinated with thai herbs served with seasonal vegetables.



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