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Soho Salad                                       $7
Fresh tossed green and egg. Served with choice of sesame vinaigrette or peanut dressing.
Yum Yai                                            $9
A feast of shrimp, chicken and vegetable seasoned in spicy sweet and sour lime dressing.
Yum Woon Sen                                $9
A delightful mix of shrimp, minced pork, silver noodles in chili lime vinaigrette.
Yum Talay                                        $14
Seafood combination tossed in fresh chili garlic lime dressing, scallions, and fresh mint.
Thai Beef Salad                               $10
Grilled ribeye slices wih thai chili and lemongrass vinaigrette.
Squid Salad                                     $11
Steamed calamari seasoned with fresh garlic, red onion, cilantro and spicy lime dressing.

Roasted Duck Salad                       $12
Roasted duck, dressed with roasted chili and lime juice.
Pla Koong                                        $12
Grilled Thai seasoned shrimp in a roasted chili paste vinaigrette.
Larb                                                   $9
Minced chicken, beef, or pork seasoned with lime juice, chili, rice powder and fresh mint.             Served on cabbage cup.
Nam Sod                                            $9
Minced pork seasoned with onion, ginger, roasted peanuts, chili and lime juice.
Som Tum                                           $10
Refreshing spicy salad of grated green papaya. Crushed peanuts and a dash of spicy lime juice.   Choice of dried shrimp or raw blue crab.

Veggie Soup               Cup  $5     Pot  $8
Garden vegetables in a clear broth.
Wonton Soup              Cup  $6     Pot  $9
Homemade stuffed wonton with chicken and shrimp in a hearty chicken brothFresh tossed green and egg.
Tofu Soup                    Cup  $6     Pot  $9
Tofu, marinated ground pork, vegetables in a clear broth.
Tom Yum 
Famous thai hot and sour lemongrass broth with mushroom and kaffir lime leaves.    
Chicken                       Cup  $6     Pot  $9
Shrimp                         Cup  $8     Pot  $11

Tom Kha  
Spicy coconut soup with mushroom and galangal.    
Chicken                      Cup  $6     Pot  $9
Shrimp                        Cup  $8     Pot  $11

Seafood Soup            Pot  $15  
Siamese style bouillabaisse in lemongrass broth and roasted chili and fresh limejuice.


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