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choice of Chicken, Beef, Tofu or Vegetables ….. $9
with Shrimp ….. $12     /    with Scallop ….. $14
Asparagus    Sauteed with shitake mushroom and garlic sauce.
Broccoli Lover   Sauteed with garlic and oyster sauce.
Prik King   Sauteed with string beans, pepper and fresh kaffir lime leaves in a chili paste sauce.

Hot Basil   Sauteed with onion, fresh chili and sweet basil.
Pleasing Garlic   Sauteed with garlic and pepper, served with fresh lettuce.
Ginger Perfect   Sauteed with fresh ginger, onions, green onions and black mushrooms.
Thai Silk   Sauteed with silver noodles, egg, onions green onions, tomatoes, and napa.
Buddha Feast   Sauteed vegetables medley in oyster sauce.
Cashew Nuts   Sauteed with dried chili, onions and sweet soy sauce.

Snow Peas   Sauteed with snow peas in our tasty garlic sauce.
Spicy Eggplant   Sauteed with garlic, chili and thai basil.
Sweet & Sour   Sauteed with cucumber, onion, tomatoes and pineapple in sweet & tangy sauce.

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